Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
House of Q
Friday 15:15 | Tepláreň

House of Q SK

House of Q: QueerTime #BestOf

QueerTime is a programme initiated in early 2022 by Matúš Vraštiak, known as Chantall Licorne, a local drag queen from House of Q. From humble beginnings of showcasing mainly local artists, this platform has significantly evolved and plans to continue expanding both professionally and in terms of production quality. Today, it features a diverse range of performers from the LGBTQI+ community, not just from Slovakia but also from abroad. Its main objectives are to break down stereotypes, connect the incompatible, and push the limits of self-expression. This platform is pioneering in Slovakia, being the first and only one of its kind.

Performing artists:
Chantall Licorne
Jasmine Richart
Crulea DeVil
Kassandra Bibach
Error Fatale

This programme is not suitable for minors, as it may contain explicit humour and occasional subtle nudity (burlesque).