Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Divadlo ZkuFraVon
Friday 10:15 | Family Park

Divadlo ZkuFraVon SK

ZkuFraVon Theatre: Lakiho mestečko (Laki's Town)

The production of "Lakiho mestečko" invites you to explore the town in a whole new light. Places that may initially appear mundane will soon unveil their fantastical tales. Perhaps, after experiencing this journey, you'll see your town through fresh eyes.

Do you think you know your hometown? Of course. You walk the same streets to school or work, loop around corners, stroll through parks, and go up and down the stairs daily. It can become monotonous, can't it? Same old routine, day in, day out. The city seems static. But what if it's not? Simply open your eyes and perceive things differently. But how? Let's try viewing the town from the perspective of a stray dog or from high above with a bird's eye view. Give it a try. Can you see it now?

Suitable for ages 3+

 Andrej Šoltés, Michal Rosík
Script, Direction: Andrej Šoltés
Set Design: Daša Krištofovičová
Dramaturge: Verona Hajdučíková
Music: Nina Rosa
Set Production: Zuzana Dobrovičová, AMSTYL s.r.o.
Photography: birdhouse s.r.o.