Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Eva Šušková a Peter Mazalán
Saturday 10:15 | Tepláreň

Eva Šušková a Peter Mazalán SK

Eva Šušková and Peter Mazalán: Svadobná sieň (The Wedding Hall)

"QPR" – Queer Platonic Relationship is also a legitimate term for a friendly relationship between straight and queer persons. Such a relationship gains enormous depth and mutual trust despite (or thanks to?) the absence of the romantic and erotic love component. The "strangeness" and "otherness" of such a relationship, as perceived by our society, is underscored by the setting of the wedding hall, where the act of marriage takes place. In the Slovak architectural context, these places are original visual witnesses of the time – for example, the stories of LGBT people who, with overlaps to the present, feared publicly revealing their orientation and preferred (prefer) to marry and live unfulfilled marriages based on self-deception and deceiving their partners. The repression of their identity stemmed from traditional "expectations" and social attitudes. How many were married in these spaces? The story also culminates in the long-standing QPR relationship of the project's leaders, symbolically "sealed" in the very wedding hall.

Cast: Oľga Belešová
Music: Eugen Suchoň and David Lang
Text: Viliam Klimáček
Concept, Direction: Eva Šušková and Peter Mazalán
Movement Collaboration: Petra Fornayová
Percussion: Lenka Novosedlíková
Cello: Andrej Gál
Viola: Daniel Rumler
Vibraphone: Dalibor Kocian
Vocals: Dominika Hanko, Katarína Ďurdinová Šárközi, Eva Šušková
Masks: Veronika Kita Mazalánová
Props, Stage Design: Pavol Kita