Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Iracký mesiáš Ḥassan Blāsim
Saturday 17:45 | Literárny stan Martinus

Iracký mesiáš Ḥassan Blāsim SK, IQ

The Iraqi Christ by Ḥassan Blāsim

Ḥassan Blāsim was born in Iraq, where he studied at the Academy of Cinematic Arts. After being imprisoned several times, he was advised by his professors to leave Baghdad in 1998. His debut short story, "The Madman of Freedom Square" (translated into Slovak by BRAK publishing house, 2018), was nominated for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize in 2010. Blasim's work has been translated into twenty languages, despite being banned in some Arab countries. This year, a Slovak translation of his book, "The Iraqi Christ," was published. The book made him the first Arab author to win the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize. Laco Oravec will interview him.