Ambassador Program Terms and Conditions



Pohoda Ambassador Program is a program organized by Pohoda Festival Organizer. Pohoda invites individuals (natural persons) to register as Pohoda Ambassadors on festival’s website. On this website, ambassadors can check the sale of festival passes, which were sold thanks to their promotion of the festival. This is traceable via their personal Ambassador Code. For festival promotion which will result in the purchase of festival passes, the Ambassador will receive credits (sunflowers) that can be used to buy festival passes or goods from a selected assortment available in our shop.



These terms of the contract (together with the listed documentation including Privacy Policy) define ambassadors’ use of websites and their offline activities associated with Pohoda Ambassador Program. Before you become Pohoda Ambassador, please read these terms of the contract carefully. When submitting your request to be added to Ambassador Program, you agree with these terms of the contract, you agree to observe them and confirm that you are a natural person of the minimum age of 15.

We reserve the right to change these terms of the contract by publishing updated versions of these terms of the contract on our websites and will aim to inform you in advance on potential significant changes to these terms. We encourage you to check the terms of the contract published on the website on a regular basis. If you continue your activities associated with Pohoda Ambassador Program after any changes to the terms are published means that you accept them and agree to observe them.

If you do not wish to be bound by these terms of the contract (or potential reviewed terms of the contract), please inform us immediately and we will terminate your account within the Ambassador Program.



1.1 You can become an Ambasador only for the purposes as defined by these terms of the contract after online registration and confirmation of your email address/phone number/name/date of birth/address. If you register via email, we will provide you with a unique username and password for your account on our website. These details are important as perks cannot be gained in case incorrect or false details are registered. We reserve the right to reject any request to join the Ambassador Program at our discretion.

1.2 Ambassador can only be a natural person representing themselves using their own name and account. You cannot register as an Ambassador and perform activities associated with it on behalf of someone else or their account.

1.3 Persons 14 and under, Pohoda Festival passes sale agents and Pohoda Festival passes sale representatives’ employees or co-workers or Pohoda Festival passes sale representatives themselves cannot become Ambassadors.

1.4 If you are of the age between 15 and 17 (included), you hereby confirm that your parent or legal representative has read these Terms of the Contract and agrees with them on your behalf.

1.6 Ambassador agrees that they will keep their username and password confidential and will not share the information about their account with third parties. Ambassador is responsible for all activities happening on their account (including any unauthorized access or use of the account). They agree that during the process of registration they will provide real and full details and should there be any changes to them, they will update them immediately. It is forbidden to create false identities or act as a different person or subject on the websites. We reserve the right to reject account creation or to close an existing account of any person at our discretion.

1.7 Ambassador agrees to report any suspicion of unauthorized use of their account immediately.

1.8 Ambassadorship is unlimited in time. After Pohoda Festival event ends, your Ambassador account remains active. You do have the option to terminate you Ambassador account anytime, though.

1.9 We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by you not complying with the terms as defined in paragraph 1.1.



2.1 After registration, you will receive a unique Ambassador Code. If you convince someone to buy  a Pohoda Festival pass, this unique Ambassador Code needs to be entered in a special field during the purchase. The unique code will link the purchase with ambassador and the ambassador will receive a sunflower for their effort. Ambassadors can link their Ambassador Code with online ticket purchases only as the brick-and-mortar selling spots or purchases outside of the Internet are not included in Ambassador Program. The unique Ambassador Code needs to be entered during the purchase of festival ticket online. It will not be possible to enter the code later (for example, during the pick-up at the brick-and-mortar shop).

2.2 After registration, we can send you tips and tricks, shareable information and content that you can use in order to increase festival pass sale, but you are not obliged to follow these instructions. You will not be obliged to share this content.

2.3 For festival promotion that will lead to festival pass purchase, the ambassador will receive credits (sunflowers) that can be used for purchase of festival passes or goods from the selected assortment in our shop. The information about the reward system is available on our website in section Ambassador Program. The individual sets of perks in Ambassador Program might be subject to change each year or during a particular season. Information on perks will be at your disposal prior to the launch of festival pass sale for the next edition of Pohoda Festival. Perks can keep changing. The updates will be published on our websites. Therefore, if you are a Pohoda Ambassador, do check available perks on a regular basis.

2.4 From time to time, it is possible to receive extra perks for various activities associated with Pohoda (at Pohoda Festival Organizer’s discretion). In such cases, these additional perks will be published on websites, but Pohoda is not obliged to add extra perks.

2.5 Perks can be claimed via shop@pohodafestival.sk. Throughout the active duration of Pohoda Ambassador Program, sunflowers can be exchanged for perks without any time restrictions. Please bear in mind that when purchased via foreign sellers, Ambassador Code verification can take up to 5 business days. Communication about potential Ambassador Program termination will be sent in advance to email address you provided during the registration.

2.6 Sunflowers can be exchanged for goods available in our shop. This also goes for festival passes if festival sells out. After festival sell-out, sunflower collection will be temporarily disabled, i.e. it will not be possible to exchange them for festival passes or to promote festival in order to receive sunflowers by selling the tickets to third parties.

2.7 If you are an Ambassador that has reached goals published on our website, but you have not receive your perks, please contact us at shop@pohodafestival.sk. In order to avoid any doubts, you accept, that we – Pohoda Festival Organizer (acting to the point and in goodwill) – will make a final decision in any disputes associated with you having reached these goals or not and, consequently, will decide if you are entitled to be awarded the perk(s).

2.8 You acknowledge and agree that we can interrupt or cancel Pohoda and are not liable for any loss or damage you might suffer due to such interruption or cancellation of the festival. In case Pohoda is interrupted or canceled after Ambassador started their promotion activities, we will make appropriate effort to announce such interruption or cancellation to the ambassador. Perks the ambassador gained, will remain valid.

2.9 In the event of a particular reward not being available anymore, we can offer alternative perks at our discretion.



When accessing the service via a mobile device, the standard fees associated with the use of mobile network apply. Based on your contract, your mobile operator can charge additional fees.



When you register as Ambassador you agree that we will use your personal details in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Providing your phone number and email, you agree to receive text messages and emails regarding your account and Ambassador role. 



5.1 You hereby declare and guarantee that you will not:

5.1.1 advertise festival passes on websites of third parties (to avoid any misunderstandings,     this includes Bazoš, eBay/StubHub, Viagogo, etc.);

5.1.2 do anything that could harm the Pohoda brand, its reputation or good name;

5.1.3 restrict, prevent or hinder any person from using Ambassador account;

5.1.4 use Pohoda (or any information gained from us or via our website) to run an agency or     any other business generating revenues.

5.2 If you violate or do not comply with (or when we will suspect that you have violated or have not complied with) any of the declarations mentioned in point 5.1, we will (at our discretion) be entitled to disable or terminate your access to our websites and your role as an ambassador. 



6.1 If you express your will to terminate your access to your Ambassador Profile, your personal data and contact details will be removed from our database. After such termination, it will not be possible to claim any perks.

6.2 Pohoda Festival Organizer is (at their discretion) entitled to temporarily disable and/or terminate your access to their websites and your role of an ambassador.



7.1 None of the requirements mentioned above will result in you becoming an employee, worker, agent or partner of Pohoda Festival s.r.o. company and you will not pose as one.

7.2 The names of individual paragraphs herein are used just for better orientation and should not be taken into consideration in the process of understanding or interpreting these Terms of the Contract.


Last update: 04.04.2018