Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Z Kubánkova do Nosáľova
Friday 17:45 | NAY tanečný dom

Z Kubánkova do Nosáľova SK

The dance workshop Z Kubánkova do Nosáľova is a symbolic tribute to two exceptional personalities (Juraj Kubánek, Štefan Nosáľ) who have significantly influenced the folklore movement in Slovakia and made our country visible all over the world. Experience the power of the traditions of the Liptov and Podpoľanie regions, where they grew up and which they proudly represented throughout their lives, both personally and through their artistic work.

Workshop is led by: J. Michalík, Z. Palanová and others
Musical accompaniment: folk music by Michal Pagáč

In 2009 a group of musicians around Michal Pagáč founded a musical ensemble. Their love for traditional folk music was so strong that they began to analyse and study it in detail in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the already dying styles of old folk music from various regions
of Slovakia. The band soon found itself at the forefront of the folk music movement and began to collaborate with the Tanečný dom label, with which they work with to this day. Since its foundation, the folk band has had countless parties, concerts and performances. Nowadays the well-versed musicians
participate in various projects of different musical genres and cooperate with renowned personalities of the Slovak music scene.