Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Saturday 01:15 | Garáž 1

Ychabods SK

Ychabods was born in the autumn of 2021 when musician Mario Selecký, previously active in various projects, approached his former bandmate, drummer Filip Paulo. In the spring of 2022, the two locked themselves in the studio to record their debut album Homecooking. At the same time, they decided to go on tour and brought in bassist Ľuboš Ďuriš, a former member of The Wilderness, and later guitarist Martin Molnár, known from the Family Friend and Ghostly Silent projects.

The songs of Ychabods vary from track to track, but above all they are a cocktail of the 60s and 90s. They are energetic rock songs with melodic riffs, Dylanesque folk, blues or cool funk grooves. In April 2023 they released the single Bread and Salt.

"The existence of this band makes me very happy. In a time when there are all kinds of trap metal or phonk songs and punk mutations, Ychabods come with a completely different approach to music. Musically, they're reminiscent of the old Slovak big beat era, combining    this genre with a contemporary professional sound, socio-critical lyrics and the self-deprecating detachment of a band that comments on their outsider status with a grin: "Nobody listens to this music anymore." Interestingly, one of the band members is a former founding member of The Wilderness," Garage curator Denis Bango (The Wilderness, Fvck_Kvlt) comments on the booking.