7th — 9th July 2022
Airport Trenčín 7th — 9th July 2022


Another reconfirmed name of Pohoda 2021 is the joint transatlantic project of Hudson Hohawke and Lunice – TNGHT. Seven years after their fantastic debut, which greatly influenced the electronics of the past decade, they’ve returned to the scene with the album TNGHT II. It’s not the kind of music suitable as background noise or music you’d hear in a café. Hud Mo and Lunice describe it as the most perfect record they’ve ever made in terms of instrumentation. The result is excellent electronics with no categories applicable. It’s a record that falls outside the market rules or the expectations of others, one the duo made on their own terms. As Hud Mo says about the album: "I think it’s a good indicator if something sounds weird and refreshing to us".

NME labeled their debut an "oddball brilliance" and Popmatters appreciated that the duo combined what was great about their very different styles into a very synthetic, parasitical whole." Pitchfork ranked their debut in their Best New Music category and recognized it as "one of the most brazen and positively huge beats of this year," saying that “their partnership has already yielded results so impressive and of-the-moment that it's likely we haven't heard the last of it.” And they were right. Beats per Minute (EPs), Consequence of Sound, Gigwise, and the aforementioned Pitchfork included the EP in the list of top records of 2012. The album also made it to the top 10 US Dance/Electronic in terms of sales rankings. Resident Advisor described their new album TNGHT II as the surprise comeback record you didn't know you wanted. Loud and Quiet gave the album a great rating of 9/10 with the words that “it takes work to sound this effortless, and bravery to be this bold.”