Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Tamara Kametani: The End in Three Parts, Part One
Friday 00:00 | Literárny stan MartinusFriday 00:00 | Visual stage

Tamara Kametani: The End in Three Parts, Part One SK

Tamara Kametani
The End in Three Parts. Part One, 2021
Video, 8 min.

Part One is the first in a series of works that present possible future trajectories. It describes an unlikely refuge from ubiquitous surveillance in the form of an island that, until now, existed only as a virtual dumping ground for corrupted data. Named after its geographical coordinates of 0.0, Null Island is the embodiment of the possibility of a better, freer, and fairer world. Oscillating between utopia and dystopia, Part One tells the story of a religious, grassroots resistance in a world with few freedoms left.