Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Saturday 02:45 | Garáž 2

Supaspicybois SK

Supaspicybois are a pungent element created by the extreme living conditions of Košice's high school dormitories. An experimental multigenre rendition of the stories, thoughts and outlandish reflections of two boys from the dirty, dark corners of Košice, Prague and the internet.

„Who wouldn't love these guys? Their songs brim with pure, almost childlike creative joy, their concerts almost turn into ketchup happenings and their lyrics make the corners of the listener's mouth twitch – just like their jokes on one of Slovakia's best meme profiles. Sometimes we have to stop being so serious," Garage curator Denis Bango (The Wilderness, Fvck_Kvlt) comments on the booking.