Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Friday 22:45 | Aréna Slovenskej sporiteľne


Pohoda 2023 will also feature SOFI TUKKER whose debut Treehouse was nominated for GRAMMY for the Best Dance/Electronic Album of the Year. This is the second Grammy nomination of the duo; their first single "Drinkee" was among the five best dance records of the year. 

The success of SOFI TUKKER was anything but planned. Tucker Halpern had spent his entire life dreaming about a basketball career until in the first grade he was confided to bed for eight months due to illness. He used his time to study music production, and continued full time after returning to school. He met the singer and musician Sophie Hawley-Weld during an art show at Brown University. They recorded and released their first songs in a short time. "Drinkee" turned viral thanks to the Apple Watch ad. Currently it has more than 230 million plays on Spotify together with another hit "Best Friend". Apple also chose the second mentioned song to present the iPhone X and the song "Batshit" appeared in the company's advertising as well. The songs "Johny" and "Best Friend" also appeared in the soundtracks of the popular computer games FIFA 17 and FIFA 18 and song Good Time Girl was used as a start sequence in HBO series The New Pope. Since 2015 they have achieved Gold records on 5 continents, racked up over a billion streams.

"Drinkee" was nominated for Grammy shortly after its release. The band did not even have an LP at the time, and the surprising fact was the nomination of a non-English song. Sophie decided to sing the song in Portuguese as she studied the language at school and found it very sexy. In addition to the language, they’re also inspired by the Brazilian music, especially by its characteristic instruments. This was fully reflected in the release of the debut Treehouse (2018). Slant magazine praises its imaginative instrumentation as a great shortcut to the "global audience": "Rhythm bossa-nova, cow bells, castanets and spaghetti-western guitars give Treehouse a touch of the world sophistication; Hawley-Weld and Halpern never take themselves too seriously. However, that does not mean we shouldn’t take them seriously." The Evening Standard appreciated the live sophistication after their London concert, when they described the performance as unpredictable and wildly entertaining. Will Richards of the DIY concludes his very positive review of their debut with following words: "One thing across the Treehouse album is certain – SOFI TUKKER are having more fun than you. It's time to join them."

Treehouse has received an extraordinary recognition in the form of a Grammy 2019 nomination for the Best Dance/Electronic Album. The band said in their enthusiastic response: "To wake up to the new day with the news that we have been nominated for a Grammy gives us a feeling that children experience at Christmas morning. And, in fact, it is much better." We believe that the release of the SOFI TUKKER concert at Pohoda 2023 is one of the Christmas presents for the dance music lovers.

The newest full-length WET TENNIS (When Everyone Tries To Evolve, Nothing Negative is Safe), the follow-up to their GRAMMY-nominated debut album Treehouse, continues their story and growth.

SOFI TUKKER are passionate activists committed to equality, and have raised funds and awareness for organizations including Planned Parenthood, The Trevor Project, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Natural Resources Defense Council, The Nature Conservancy, the March for Our Lives and Red Cross Ukraine.