Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Šimon Chovan: Dear Thearlings

Šimon Chovan: Dear Thearlings SK

Šimon Chovan
Dear Thearlings, 2019
Site-specific installation / Multiple locations

Dear Thearlings is an unfinished series of soft sculptures. Their common element is the casting of silicone industrial materials (food containers, industrial flowerpots) with natural pigments. Castings covered mainly with ocher soil from Štiavnica Mountains the artist subsequently uses as the skin of the objects. They look like they were just pulled from the ground, thousands of years old, but their technical texture refers to genetic modifications or synthetic biology. They create tension at the interface of several categories - concrete, abstract (developmental stages of insects or something unknown), living/inanimate, human/non-human, fragile/solid, beginning/end. In the forms of cocoons or larvae, the conflicting temporal categories of short transitional developmental stages of insects accumulate over millions of years of geological time during which the ocher pigment was formed.

The work disrupts the traditional parameters of a typical sculpture in festival spaces. It is not a monumental, clearly defined, or visible gesture from afar, but a series of unpredictable interventions in unexpected places. It highlights the existing architecture of the festival and uses its infrastructure the way a symbiote uses the body of another organism. The moment of surprise is also a reference to the ongoing climate change, which has disrupted the stability and predictability of the environment.