Shht BE

Pohoda 2022 will also have space rock for the new generation — it will be provided by five “wired men from the sonic spaceship” called Shht. This delicate crazy lineup from Ghent is based, as they present it, on synthetic bass lines delivered by a noise-band, delivered by a noise-band with chemical minds and a singer hanging from the roof mentally and physically. When they played in Birmingham last month before the Belgian stars De Staat, Louder Than War noted that playing after such an eccentric yet craftedly perfect performance set up one hell of a challenge for the headliners to follow.

At the end of last year, Shht released their debut Love Love Love. Each word “Love” in the title of the album represents a different connotation of the term – in a straightforward way, from the trivial use of the word love on social networks, through a strongly positive relationship between close ones to the most intimate version of love between lovers. In recent years, Shht have become legendary for their explosive shows. Love Love Love is an attempt to transfer the energy from concerts to a recording that is as much listenable as possible. At the same time, they intended to maintain their absurdity, strangeness, and elements of surprise. As four out of the five band members are music producers, the result is exactly as planned, totally unplanned and phenomenal.

Their lyrics deal with existentialism, the universe, religion, money, social differences, life in all its absurdity and, of course, love. In addition to their fabulous concerts, they gained popularity in Belgium thanks to the four singles that were also recorded by the famous radio Studio Brussel. In a short time span, they played at events such as Best Kept Secret, Pukkelpop, Ment, Oppikoppi Festival, Ancienne Belgique, and Boomtown. The list of artists who influenced them is as varied as their work: Mr. Oizo, Kanye West, The Beatles, Ariel Pink, and Belgian band Raketkanon well-known to the visitors of Pohoda.