PoiL Ueda FR

Pohoda 2021 will also feature PoiL, the French avant-garde trio of brilliant musicians. They are known for their ultra-speed diversified compositions and frenetic live performances, and the fact that it truly is an eccentric treat is confirmed by their latest album, Sus. In their review of the album, Everything is Noise uses the following saying: "Beauty lies in the surprise offered by an unpredictable order." 

They call the album hypnotic and, according to the portal, it will drive even the best among us crazy. The band simply described their work as a mixture of Occitan polyphony and Renaissance counterpoint, inspired by Stockhausen, dominated by repetitive variational work with motifs, psychedelic experiences and technoid rhythms for limping dancers. All on a bed of swift and distorted sounds, evoking thoughts of rabid dogs and the swarming of a nocturnal forest under a full moon. In their lyrics, PoiL draw from South French Occitan poetry with the themes of serenades of love, sky and sea intercourse and mad dogs shrieking from the bottom of a well. A bit of folk, a bit of hardcore, a bit of alternative electronics, a lot of explosive passion and excitement in the hands of extremely talented musicians – that's PoiL.