Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Peter Kašpar: Sonic Coding
Saturday 00:00 | Literárny stan MartinusSaturday 00:00 | Visual stage

Peter Kašpar: Sonic Coding SK

Peter Kašpar
Sonic Coding, 2023
3D animation, 16 min.

In his projects, visual artist Peter Kašpar deals with the themes of cultural movements and intersections in the broader context of racial relations, ethics, artificial intelligence, and the limits of human consciousness. The audio-visual work entitled Sonic Coding plays out, in a 3D animation environment, poetic moments in slow motion that represent the main pillars of hip-hop culture: dance and rap, graffiti, DJ-ing or music production. These areas are rendered in hyper-realistic 3D form of actual hip-hop “situations” that also mimic the details of real-world “damage” (e. g. dirty trainers). The world of 3D animation, in a chameleon-like way, also acquires cultural features that lose their original justification in it.

In the work Sonic Coding, image, gesture, and pulsating movement are brought to the fore before the manifestation and rhetorical layer of hip-hop. As the American music columnist Simon Reynolds writes, “in rap, there is no difference between the rhetoric of 'beyond the grave' and the contractual reality of business relationships.” The rhetorical level is completely absent and is replaced by meditative music. This is part of the artist's choice to penetrate the layer of word and commodity and shift the attention to “the relatedness of all parts”. Related to this is the intention of softening the layer of trauma and violence that co-formed the forms of hip-hop. A key ingredient of the work thus becomes a care for the healing of the wounds contained in the legacy of hip-hop and compassion for the suffering that lies beneath the surface of the culture.

In cooperation with the Oskar Čepan Award