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Oto Hudec: Vlajka modrej planéty

Oto Hudec: Vlajka modrej planéty SK

Oto Hudec
The Flag of the Blue Planet, 2019

When astronauts look at Earth from space, they see a blue ball covered by layers of clouds, with the continents shining through. But what they don't see are the borders of the states that we know from political maps. Today, as we face the climate crisis, nations must learn to work together regardless of borders.

Industrialized countries account for the largest share of emissions, but the effects of climate change are most pronounced in the Global South, whose residents bear the least responsibility. For Earth Day in 1969, John McConnell designed the Earth flag. Since then, many have tried to design a universal blue planet flag, but not a single proposal has been successful. This Flag of the Blue Planet is based on McConnell's design, but instead of the image of Earth, it has a round hole. The sky seen through the hole visually resembles Earth as seen from space, but instead of a fixed image, the flag changes depending on the weather, highlighting the vulnerability of natural systems that humanity has disrupted.