Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Ostrov Pohody
Saturday 17:45 | NAY tanečný dom

Ostrov Pohody SK

Ostrov Pohody (Pohoda Island)
The outstanding singer Štefan Štec and his band Fajta, proud representatives of the Rusyn culture, will create an atmosphere of Pohoda Island full of positivity, whose GPS is located in Slovakia in Trenčin, but which mentally navigates us beyond the common border with war-torn Ukraine. An island where we believe that we can defeat evil with good, sorrow with joy, and cruelty with humanity... The intention is to remind us how precious and fragile is the solid ground under our feet when the world around us is crumbling, and how important is the strength of the roots when the wind destroys everything in its way.