Airport Trenčín 6 — 8 July 2023
KVLT CREW / Fvck_Kvlt, Edúv Syn, Paris, Žakhéles
Saturday 01:10 | Herbert Club

KVLT CREW / Fvck_Kvlt, Edúv Syn, Paris, Žakhéles SK

“Mom, I probably won’t return home” shouts Denis Bango, the producer behind KVLT CREW, in a new single addressing to the war in Ukraine. Four of its members, Fvck_Kvlt, Edúv Syn, Paris, and Žakhéles, will also perform at Pohoda 2022.

Denis Bango is known as the punk rocker from band The Wilderness. Besides the band, he does rap and trap, he created his own alter ego Fvck_Kvlt, with which he recorded the albums Kvlt Teachings and Zabijem sa! The latter was nominated for several awards including the Radio Head Awards as the Album of the Year/Critics’ Award. Matej Sekerka of wrote about him: “I cannot call Zabijem sa! other than the masterpiece and rap album of the year. Behind the soundtrack for sentient souls for difficult times is a piece of honest lyrics writing and music, which was created practically on the go in the Bunker studio.”

In May 2021, Fvck_Kvlt released an EP called Commercial Mainstream Nihilism Part I. and at the end of the year came out the EP DIGITAL CHAOS MAGICK SESSIONS. A few days ago he released single “MAMA (TOTO JE VOJNA)” from the upcoming EP ANTIWAR SONGBOOK.

At the same time, Denis is also involved in production. He cooperates with several people, with whom he created a strong artistic team KVLT CREW.

As part of it, Matej Myslovič with his trap project Edúv Syn will also perform in a joint set at Pohoda 2022. Instead of typical rap materialistic and egotripic themes, Matej’s lyrics deal with his personal views of the world and do not fail to acknowledge failures and imperfections and do not hesitate to take a clear view of various social problems.

His vocal and DJ support is usually taken care of by his old buddy Žakhéles, a rap character created by Kabal. By the way, Kabal is also a co-dramaturg of club electronics at Pohoda. In 2020, they released a shared LP Edúv Syn / Žakhéles ‎– Plakala / Kráľ Hoodu. The last member of the group is the graffiti artist Paris from Trnava, who, together with Kabal and Denis, also gave an excellent FVCK CVLT concert at Pohoda on the Ground as part of the club 69 program.

Their live performances are dark and full of raw punk energy. It will certainly be like that at Pohoda 2022.