Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Jozef Vaľo
Saturday 09:00 | Tepláreň

Jozef Vaľo SK

Jozef Vaľo: Coming Out

The show draws attention to "coming out" in the world of football, where there are currently no gay players who have come out – which has been done only by 3 players in all of history. It's about the homophobic atmosphere at football events and in the world of football in general, where over 70% of fans don't even know that they're chanting homophobic slurs. The author deals with this issue from the other side. Hi, my name is Jozef. I'm gay and ashamed of the fact that I love football. Bizarre, I know. Just like football players being ashamed of being gay. That's not the only bizarre thing, though. The show works with drag lipsync or the idea of a church sermon. Through this bipolarity, the show wants to make it clear that you can like anything, be anyone, and still be a good football player... and a human being.

Genre of the show: Solo – dance theatre
Choreography/performer: Jozef Vaľo
Music: Balance (Veronika Škutová)
Stage and lightning design: Michaela Pavelková
Accompanying text: Anna Polcková
Dramaturgy: Jaroslav Viňarský
Production: SKOK!