Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Saturday 12:45 | NAY tanečný dom

Hranica SK, CZ

Hranica / The Border
In 2023 we celebrate 30 years of Slovak independence. 30 years since when crossing the border with the Czech Republic means being abroad. Dancing to the music and singing of Petr Mička, we will be transported to a time when such borders did not exist. František and Barbora Morong will teach you the typical aesthetics and partner interplay of the dances from the Horňácko and Kopanice regions. They will show you that the traditional culture has the strength and power to unite even the divided. 

The group Horňácka muzika Petra Mičky (Petr Mička's Music of Horňácko Region) consists of professional musicians who are dedicated to the stylish interpretation (music + vocals) of the unique Moravian style of playing. The artistic activity of Petr Mička is also connected with the project Hrubá hudba, which is a unique concert work of the nu-jazz band Lesní zvěř.

Workshop is led by: František and Barbora Morong
Musical accompaniment: Horňácka muzika Petra Mičky (CZ)