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The band Go_A was founded in 2012 by producer Taras Shevchenko and ethno-singer Kateryna Pavlenko. When experimenting with Ukrainian folk songs, they found that the connection to electronic music worked great, creating a good mix of emotions and energy.Go_A is making a modern reinterpretation of Ukrainian, retelling traditional Ukrainian stories that have been passed down through generations. The group’s singer Kateryna even uses the ancient Eastern European folklore technique of white voice, which is based on an open throat and free volume. It brought Go_A the 5th place according to the overall results and the 2nd place according to the televoting. It is the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest that Ukraine has submitted a song entirely in the Ukrainian language. “SHUM” became a worldwide trend in Spotify hitting the top of most European charts, became #2 in Spotify VIral USA & #1 in Spotify Viral Worldwide. “SHUM” also became the 1st Ukrainian song ever to hit the Billboard Top 200 chart.