Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Friday 01:15 | Garáž 1

Eversame SK

Eversame is a young four-member band from Žilina. In terms of genre, their music is most comparable to alternative rock, indie, midwest emo and shoegaze. In the current line-up, they have been playing together for about a year and managed to release their debut album Tell Me Where the Flowers Are (2023). Their concerts are characterised by a friendly atmosphere and frequent audience participation.

„Eversame is a band that may remind some of classic alt-rock artists from the 90s, but for me it's as modern as it gets. It's not easy to do indie rock in English in the Slovak music scene without making the listener cringe. When you listen to their debut album tell me where the flowers are, exactly the opposite happens. You want to hear more. Awesome band," Garage curator Denis Bango (The Wilderness, Fvck_Kvlt) comments on the booking.