Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Dry Cleaning
Saturday 17:45 | Orange stage

Dry Cleaning GB

Dry Cleaning is a post-punk band from South London that is often likened to Joy Division or Sleaford Mods. The NME ranked them among the 100 major new names of 2020. Their debut New Long Leg immediately rocketed among the top rated albums released this year.

They are noted for their use of spoken word primarily in lieu of sung vocals. Their second album Stumpwork was released in October 2022. Frontperson and singer Florence Shaw demonstrated increased spontaneity in the studio, improvising many of her lyrics straight on to the album: “I wrote about the things that preoccupied me over this period, like loss, masculinity, feminism, my mum, being separated from my partner for little stretches in the lockdown, lust.“ Ultimately, what defines Dry Cleaning’s second album is the breadth of its scope. Their music  is bolder and more expansive, Shaw’s lyrics explore not only loss and detachment but all the twists and turns, simple joys and minor gripes of human experience, too. As Shaw sings on Kwenchy Kups, “Things are shit, but they’re gonna be OK.”