Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Divadlo Na Peróne
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Divadlo Na Peróne SK

Divadlo Na Peróne: My, ľud! (We, the People!)

"Sea levels are rising... The climate and the world are changing... The earth is warming... Slowly but surely..."
As a result of climate change, large parts of the islands are threatened by rising sea levels. For this reason, many Islanders are fleeing the islands and their long and arduous journey ends in Lida. As a result, the country is facing great unrest. It's the first time that its inhabitants are confronted with a refugee crisis. The King of Lida quickly decides to accommodate the Islanders in a temporary tent camp in the centre of the capital Marsk. The Lidans initially welcome the Islanders, collect money to support them, and bring food and toys to the camp. However, several months passes, and there is still no telling when the Islanders will be able to return home. The deteriorating situation forces the King to take the historic step of calling the first democratic presidential elections. The country is suddenly preparing to fill a new political role that has never existed in Lida before.

In this interactive, theatrical social performance, audience members become Lida citizens and influence events in the country with their decisions. How will their choice turn out?

Directon and dramaturgy: Jana Wernerová, Peter Kočiš
Concept: Sytze Schalk (NL)
Text: Sytze Schalk, Jana Wernerová, Peter Kočiš
Translated by: Zuzana Kotiková
Set: Ján Ptačin, Peter Kočiš, Jana Wernerová
Costumes: Emma Korpová
Music/Video: Dead Janitor
Starring: Jana Wernerová, Peter Kočiš, Michaela Domovcová, Jakub Muranský
Voice president:
Táňa Poláková
Voice president: Peter Cibula