Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Street Dance Battle
Saturday 12:45 | Aréna Slovenskej sporiteľne

Street Dance Battle SK, CZ

This year's programme consists of two types of dance art.
The first is a classic dance battle, in which four dance teams, three Slovak and one Czech, compete against each other. Dance battles have a twenty-year tradition at Pohoda and are always accompanied by irrepressible energy, crazy moves and rivalry. 
CREWS: Pohoďáci, Spicylicious, PPC, VÝCHODŇARE

The second form is the rich dance performances. This year we have decided to include more choreographies and different types of dance in the programme to enhance the overall dance experience. This year, four groups will offer an unforgettable experience.

The leader and "mother" of this group is Monika Prikkelová aka @monnush, who is a pioneer of the vogue style in Slovakia. For years she has been training dancers, spreading awareness of this extravagant style, creating conditions, organising events and fighting for the understanding and equality of the LGBTIQ+ community. In the case of Kiki's House of Velvet, it is more than certain that you can look forward to an unforgettable extravaganza.

Bachtale Kale Phrala:
A dance group that brings together dancers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic. They all have their background in street dance styles, but they also represent the Roma culture that unites them all. They are conquering the world with their dance skills. One of their biggest achievements came a year ago when their short dance film was shown on NOWNESS, a popular global platform that presents contemporary art.
Look forward to a good portion of passion and aesthetics in their dance show!

Badd Fyah:
Dancehall style has had a rich background in our country for years. And this is mainly thanks to the dancers of Badd Fyah. They have been making this Jamaican dance known in our country for years and organise numerous events, workshops and also the regular Bratislava Vibey party where you can experience crazy things. They will bring a touch of the Caribbean also to Pohoda.

The characteristic rhythms and instruments of the African continent have found their way into pop music in recent years. But dance is also popular and conquering the world, especially via social media. We are very strongly represented there. D'Afrogang is a group led by Denisa "Mzungu" Mrvová, who trained in the birthplace of Afro dance styles and has built a strong community in our country, while teaching all over the world. At D'Afrogang's performances, you can look forward to a burst of energy that will make you shake.