Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
CAFÉ EURÓPA: Chceme byť cudzincami v Európe?
Friday 11:30 | EUrópa stage

CAFÉ EURÓPA: Chceme byť cudzincami v Európe? SK

Do we want to be strangers in Europe? 
Surveys consistently show that Slovakia ranks last in support for the European Union. Why is that?  

There is no denying that many important figures in Slovak society blame the European Union for local problems by creating imaginary threats and artificial value disputes. It is also very popular nowadays to blame Brussels for the chaos and citizens' fears of war, energy crisis or new economic challenges.  

The closer the early Slovak elections come, the louder the accusations against the EU and democracy become, and the more people are encouraged to become even more polarised.  

Why are Slovaks becoming strangers in Europe? How can we reverse the alienation and protect ourselves from hybrid threats and disinformation? Why must we not give in to apathy? Are Slovak values really different from the European ones? 

Lucia Mokrá    
Daniel Milo, director of the Centre for Countering Hybrid Threats 
Michal Vašečka, sociologist   
Vladimír Šucha, Head of the European Commission's Representation in the Slovak Republic