Brutalismus 3000

Brutalismus 3000 DE

Also the Berlin duo with Slovak-Greek roots, Brutalismus 3000, will make dance visitors to Pohoda 2022. Techno, punk, and sometimes even elements of hardstyle come together in a sound that defines the idea of what partying should look like in 2022. We were recommended Brutalismus 3000 by our alternative electronics dramaturgist, Matwe, who said: “We invited Brutalismus 3000 for a double-booking with Nočná and KC Hviezdne noci in Bytča last summer and it was one of the most unforgettable experiences for me, not only because I drove them back to the airport using crutches as a crooked, destroyed promoter. Coincidentally, Victoriaʼs grandma lives about 20 minutes away from Bytča, so we also managed to do a Sunday family visit, which was the icing on the cake of their two packed weekend sets, when they went absolutely to the limit of exhaustion. I can still see the moments from this weekend before my eyes, and I believe that all the people who took part in this weekend do as well. This is one of the most authentic dance music projects today, they give in all and they undoubtedly deserve the attention they are currently getting.”

Brutalismus 3000 are fast-paced rough kicks, unique synths, and classic 909 sounds produced by Theo Zeitner that meet catchy and diverse vocals of multilingual singer Victoria Vassiliki Daldas. Even though their first few tracks came out right before the pandemic, they nevertheless managed to gather a fair amount of attention during 2020. They especially gained attention with a unique live set at Berlin’s infamous streaming channel Hör for The Brvtalist. It was Victoria’s voice that first brought the Slovak language to HÖR, thanks to their track “Bratislava”, a unique banger dedicated to our capital. Last year, they attracted interest with single Atmosféra, a performance within the stellar Berlin team DURCH, and a great set at the London Boiler Roome. With a lot of exciting shows coming up this summer, they’re looking to play for a wide audience while keeping the originality and rawness of their sound. They will perform at events such as Possession and ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), as well as for Pohoda visitors.