Airport Trenčín 6 — 8 July 2023
Brizolit a Priama Čepel
Friday 02:10 | Garáž

Brizolit a Priama Čepel SK

Brizolit are the Mohicans of the concrete high-rise jungle from Kopčany (part of Petržalka, Bratislava) and they will bring to Pohoda their latest release, Planéta Petržalka. The heavy beatdown interwoven with rap passages makes them, as the band members themselves claim, the best and richest band in the world. The band is proud that their last year’s album Ráno Biznis Večer Fleks won, in addition to all the Grammies, also the title of world champion in floorball, and the first place in the Tokyo Grand Prix. Composed of Tvrdý Jany, Žralok Kladivák, Tonko Skladník, and Čierny Pes, the band will come to tear the garage to pieces.

Priama čepeľ is a side project of Lebron Horváth, whom you can recognize from the Petržalka formation Tatrofka 200025000. Lebron invited Čierny Pes of Brizolit on drums, El Matador of Tatrofka on guitar, and Koloman Kanistra, an independent truck driver from Texas, on bass. And what exactly is Priama Čepeľ? Militant straight edge hardcore battles and aggression. A concert from which everyone will leave as abstinent vegan non-smokers. They will appear with their debut release Pravdivý Až Do Smrti.