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Bez ladu a skladu

Bez ladu a skladu SK

Bez ladu a skladu formed in 1985. Only a year later, they played a concert at Prague’s Rockfest 86; following that, they mainly appeared at Czech alternative clubs and festivals. Among the memorable concerts before 1989 was, for example, the one at the festival in Lipnice 88 after Václav Havel’s speech and those at Slovak festivals Čertovo kolo 87 and 88, which turned to be a kind of an early sign of multigenre festivals that would begin to emerge in the 1990s. Before 1989, the band had a number of problems with the official communist regime; after the Velvet Revolution, they started to release albums and play in Czechoslovakia as well as in Western Europe. In 2009, the New York Times included them among the “bands that poked at the Iron Curtain”.