Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024


Bahno 974
Castorin, 2023

Mário Coufal and Volodymyr Serhachov

The concept of the CASTORIN project deals with the topic of water pollution and offers the prospect of a “mammal” of the future. This creature, vaguely resembling the local fauna, an otter, or a beaver, still bears the characteristics of the original animals, but is deformed, mutated by elements of modern technology. Its mutation occurred as a result of long-term living in a polluted habitat, where it had to adapt to new, complex conditions. It is an animal that has found itself outside of its “natural” environment, and it is searching the soil for any fragments of information on how to get back to its native environment, because it does not have much time left.

The aim of the work is to evoke a feeling of melancholy, since it is, after all, a creature that has found itself outside of its home. At the same time, it wants to be a warning finger that points to our rich biodiversity that is being deformed and degraded every day. He wants to present an unpleasant view of a creature, which is perhaps only the beginning of the absurdity, which might become reality due to the irresponsible behaviour of mankind.

In cooperation with the AFAD in Bratislava