Airport Trenčín 6 — 8 July 2023
Friday 01:00 | Garáž

Ahoj SK

Ahoj do not define their music genre; when others tried to do that, they mentioned anything from riot grung to emoviolence to crust punk. Their current (about 15-minute) set consists almost exclusively of new stuff, and in this instance, they are more daring in defining themselves, so they call it “emo metal—it’s both sad and funny”. The live recording the band sent us is from the smallest space they ever played at, what the band commented on it: “It’s from the rehearsal room in Martin where the locals give small concerts for a few friends with a bunch of vegan food. We like such concerts most.” Garáž seems to be the perfect stage for Ahoj and Ahoj is the perfect band for Garáž!.