Concert for the Attentive + White Crows Evening, 17.11.2018
Entry to both events: White Crows Evening & Concert for the Attentive

35,00 €


This year's Concert for the Attentive will return to its former size by the capacity as well as by the stars who will perform. The American hardcore-hip-hop ensemble Ho99o9 that enchanted the 20th and 21st Pohoda will perform at the Refinery Gallery. Pražský výběr (Prague Selection) and Dybbuk – bands banned by the communists, or the Russian band Shortparis (whose performance described the boss of the Talinn Music Week as one of the most memorable concerts of the festival) will also come to Bratislava. Jana Kirschner with a string quartet, Vec with the band or one of the "club" discoveries of Pohoda 2017, Tittingur, playing the so-called maximal techno, will represent the home scene. The concert will be under one roof with the partner White Crows Evening (Večer bielych vrán) this year. It will include the awards ceremony to recognise civic bravery and also musical performances. 

Concert for the Attentive + White Crows Evening, 17.11.2018