9th — 12th July 2020
9th — 12th July 2020

Welcome to the Pohoda 20 → 21 section—frequently asked questions. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the rescheduling of Pohoda 2020 to 2021. Answers to other questions regarding the festival are available in the Info section. If you still have canʼt find answers to your questions, please send an e-mail to info@pohodafestival.sk or message us on our Facebook page

Why was Pohoda rescheduled from 2020 to 2021?

We decided to reschedule the festival following consultations with top epidemiologists. They confirmed that the chances to organise a festival with the capacity of 30,000 people in Slovakia this July are zero. At the same time, we follow the developments in other countries. Artists from dozens of countries perform at Pohoda every year, and we cannot guarantee that we would be able to bring them to Slovakia.

Is the rescheduling of Pohoda definitive?


When and where will Pohoda 2021 take place?

The date is set to July 8 —9 —10, 2021 and it will take place at the Trenčín airport, as usual.

Wouldnʼt on-site measures, such as hand disinfection, temperature measurement, or face masks, allow for the festival to take place?

The decisive factor is the high concentration of people associated with the fact that, in our opinion, compliance with social distancing is impossible at music festivals. According to the head of the safety group of the European festival association Yourope, our task is to search for a balance between safety and “rock and roll”. There would be no room for “rock and roll” under the measures we expect in Slovakia in July.

Why do you "reschedule" instead of "cancel"?

The term “reschedule” reflects our relation to our confirmed artists, suppliers, collaborators, partners, and, of course, our visitors. We want to use the energy that we have devoted to the preparations of this yearʼs edition to prepare the festival in 2021. We are virtually rescheduling our agreements and commitments.

Does the 2020 line-up automatically roll to 2021?

We canʼt guarantee an identical line-up. We will try to confirm as much of the line-up from this year as possible. However, when we announced the rescheduling, we already had preliminary confirmations for one quarter of the 2021 line-up. Artists plan a few years ahead and booking availability is affected by solo performances, releases of albums and similar. We have good relations with agents and a long history; we will do our best to make the 2021 line-up more interesting and stronger than this year. Also please note that at the moment of rescheduling, only one third of the 2020 line-up had been announced.

Are tickets purchased for this yearʼs edition valid also for Pohoda 2021?

Yes. There is no need to take any steps to roll your ticket. The tickets not returned by their owners by October 15th, 2020 will automatically be considered valid. This applies to all types of tickets. Rolling your tickets to the next year is the best way to support the festival at these times, while having a ticket for the next year. 

Will you refund tickets?

Yes, we will refund everyone to request a refund for tickets purchased at our official resellers. We fully understand the situation. To refund your ticket, please fill out the form in the RETURN OF TICKETS section from 15.4. to 15.10.2020. The list of official resellers is available in the SHOP section.

I want to return an e-ticket purchased at the Pohoda shop. What should I do?

If you have an e-ticket, we will cancel it after you complete and submit the form in the RETURN OF TICKETS section. The requested amount will be refunded to the account number provided no later than 60 days after submitting the form. Please note that e-tickets were not sold outside our SHOP. Tickets purchased outside our official resellers cannot be included in the refund system.

I want to return a paper (printed) ticket. What should I do?

If you have a valid printed ticket purchased at an official reseller of the Pohoda festival, fill in the form in the RETURN OF TICKETS section and send your tickets by post as registered mail to: Pohoda Festival, s.r.o., Prostredná 46, 900 21 Svätý Jur, no later than on 15.10.2020. Always indicate the sender and their address. The money will be refunded on the account number indicated in the form no later than 60 days after the printed ticket was received. We will do our best to transfer the money to your bank account upon receipt of the ticket, however, please be patient should there initially be a large number of refund requests. If you submit the form but no ticket is physically delivered to us from a particular sender, the money will not be refunded. If you are sending several tickets, we recommend using the parcel insurance service.

You can send printed tickets by post to Pohoda Festival, s.r.o., Prostredná 46, 900 21 Svätý Jur within the period from 15.4.2020 to 15.10.2020. All items sent by registered mail and delivered to the above address will be opened following a protocol where at least two persons will be present at all times in order to avoid any doubt. Therefore, please always indicate the sender on the envelope of your registered letter.

Please note that we only sold valid paper tickets on-line through the Pohoda Shop, directly at the 2019 festival, and at the authorized resellers listed in the SHOP section. Tickets purchased outside official resellers (secondary ticketing, etc.) cannot be included in the refund system.

How will you know what the price of the ticket was at the time of purchase?

All the official printed tickets contain codes to determine the price level at which the ticket was sold. The refund amount requested by the customer will correspond to the price for which the ticket was sold.

How will you refund the money? Will it be paid in cash or credited to my bank account?

Money will be refunded by bank transfer.

Until when can I claim a ticket refund?

You can request a refund of any type of ticket by 15 October, 2020. We are introducing such a long time with respect to current stringent measures in Slovakia, but we believe that postal and other operations will be easier to implement in a few months. The money will be returned on receipt, the time limit is 60 days due to measures and possible higher demand. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 

When will I receive a ticket refund?

The money for the tickets bought online shall be returned on receipt after completing the form in the TICKET RETURNS section. The time limit is 60 days given the measures and the possible higher demand. If you want to return a ticket purchased at the Pohoda shop at the festival or at another authorized presale, please also fill in the form and send it to Pohoda festival, Prostredná 46, 90021 Svätý Jur. Please read the conditions in the TICKET RETURNS section. After having received the consignment, we will send the money, on receipt, to the account specified in the form within 60 days at the latest. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

I have purchased a ticket for a child (KIDS) or for a teenager (JUNIOR). I want to keep the ticket for 2021, but my child / junior will be 15 or 18 during next year’s Pohoda. How do I proceed?

If the festival is postponed to 2021, we will accept all KIDS and JUNIOR tickets moved from 2020, even if the child / junior fall into a higher age category. This will apply to all KIDS / JUNIOR tickets purchased before 15 April 2020.

Will it be possible to request a refund for a ticket purchased after 15 April 2020?

No. The option to request a ticket refund applies to all types of tickets purchased before 15 April 2020.

Why is there a ticket refund limit of 15/10?

We consider half a year a long enough time for a possible refund of tickets purchased before 15 April. The festival has limited capacity and we need to know in advance how many tickets we can release for sale.

How can I support the festival?

In case you do not have a ticket for the next year yet, it will be most helpful if you buy it, presale continues automatically for 2021. If you already have a ticket, it will help us if you keep it for 2021, in that case you do nothing, just keep the ticket. In case you have to return the ticket but you can donate part of the amount paid to cover the already incurred preparation costs, there is such an option and you can find the process in the TICKET RETURNS section.

I have a ticket for Pohoda 2020, but I want to keep it and at the same time I want to buy a new ticket for Pohoda 2021 and thus support the festival. How do I proceed?

Please send us the information to office@pohdoafestival.sk so that we can keep track of how many tickets to the festival we can sell without exceeding its capacity.

Thank you for making this gesture. If you are also interested in a gift (for example in the form of a special edition of T-shirts for the year 2020 – Pohoda friend), please check the possibility of 100% donation of amount in the form and follow the instructions in Pohoda 20 → 21 section (in this case, however, you have to send us the ticket).

I have a free ticket for Pohoda 2020. Is it valid for 2021 as well?

Yes, nothing needs to be done, all free tickets issued remain valid.

I have purchased a 5-seat tent, cottage Trenčín, Tent Inn, Parking. Will they still be valid in 2021?

Yes. If you want to transfer your tickets to 2021, you don't need to do anything, they remain valid.

I have purchased a 5-seat tent, cottage Trenčín, Tent Inn, Parking. Will it be possible to have all types of tickets refunded?

Yes, the refund options apply the way as with festival tickets.

Will you sell tickets for reduced admission for 2021?

No, as this is a postponement of the festival, we continue the presale at the current price level.

Will you do an annual Teacher's Day special offer for 2021?

Yes, in March 2021. Unless the festival is sold out.

I bought a ticket through a secondary ticketing company. What should I do to get a refund for the ticket?

You must contact the company where you purchased the ticket.

I bought a ticket through a secondary ticketing company and want to transfer it to 2021. Will it be valid?

We cannot verify the validity of tickets sold outside our official presales and we cannot guarantee the possibility of entering the festival gates in any year.

I bought a free ticket. What should I do to return it?

We will not return money for free tickets, as they were provided by us for nil consideration.

I got offered to buy a ticket for Pohoda 2020, which is allegedly valid for 2021. Can I verify its authenticity?

No. We recommend buying tickets only on our website or at our authorized presales. Please note that many people who buy duplicate or fake tickets are not able to get into the festival gates each year.

When does the presale for 2021 start?

The presale continues without a break.

Will there be festival merch this year?

Yes, it will be available at the end of April. At the same time, such merch will be part of gifts for those who donate part of the amount paid for the returned ticket.

What will you do during Pohoda weekend?

We are preparing the event Pohoda in the Air.

What is Pohoda in the Air?

Pohoda in the Air will be an event that we will fine-tune in the upcoming weeks. We want to prepare a mixture of streaming events from various parts of the world, including the Trenčín airport, along with archival materials, happenings, visual arts and other activities.

Will Pohoda in the Air be accessible to the public?

No, it will be an online version of the festival.

Will tickets for Pohoda in the Air be sold?

No, Pohoda in the Air will be free.

Why do you do Pohoda in the Air?

We cannot imagine spending time during the weekend dedicated to the festival by doing nothing. We have also been thinking about the active involvement of our attenders or supporters.

Aren’t you afraid that Pohoda in the Air will be cancelled by the authorities?

The form of Pohoda in the Air will be consulted with epidemiologists and we will follow all measures that will be in force in July in Slovakia.

When can we expect details about Pohoda in the Air festival?

The first ideas will be announced no later than May 15 – during the planned Pohoda Deň_FM.