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Jana korschner Komorne at Pohoda 2018
At Pohoda 2018, you will get to see a selection of Jana Kirschner’s work spanning two decades in beautiful string arrangements by Spectrum Quartett led by Ján Kružliak. This exceptional project of the most successful Slovak singer was performed last week in Nová Cvernovka and this is how portal captured it: “The result is a very playful and organic project with no space for boredom. Great examples would be songs such as “Divná,” “Sama” or “Na čiernom koni” which, despite having a more modest lineup, in no way lack the energy.” The concert will feature popular songs, new tracks as well as material from albumsKrajina Rovina or project Moruša. Please note that Jana Kirschner will also perform tomorrow at “Concert for Martina and Ján” in Gregorovce.

04. May 2018 Jana korschner Komorne at Pohoda 2018

You can hear a lot of well-known songs at Pohoda, but, usually, not those which are in heavy rotation on Slovak radios. Jana Kirschner concert at NováCvernovka indicates that the exception can (or even should) prove the rule. After Jana teamed up with a string quartet Spectrum Quartett, her hits such as “Modrá” or “Líška” changed beyond recognition. As Patrik Maflák points out: “I have seen Jana Kirschner seven times during the past five years and each concert was completely different, be that because of the location, band lineup or song arrangements. So was her latest performance within Jana Kirschner’s new chamber-style project.” Janka says the following about this new concept: “I feel that today, maybe more than ever, it’s very important to bring people something different, something nice, something free. Despite the fact that our country and the whole society is undergoing huge changes. I believe that art can bring people closer together and provide support in these difficult times.”

Guitar player Tomáš Fuchs has been part of Jana’s concert lineup for years. On the other hand, she has a new member in the band, drummer Tomáš Hríbik, who plays with many amazing bands, but he’s probably best known for playing in Katka Máliková ensemble. Both, the way Tomáš plays as well as his choice of instruments, can be surprising. Apart from the traditional percussion instruments and drums, electronica or even the family scythe that belongs to Tomáš’s grandpa will make an appearance during the show. Currently, Jana Kirschner is fully engaged in preparations of her new album. “I know the time has come. I feel it growing inside me. I can’t resist or postpone it. A couple of years ago, I had the same feeling and that’s whenKrajina Rovina came into being. Today, though, I look at my country as a grown-up woman and I know that I will dedicate my new album to it.” In his excellent review of the concert at Nová Cvernovka, Patrik Maflák adds: “Seeing her performances, it is clear that she always sings the way she feels at the given moment. The aim is not to bring fans music and vocals as found on the CD but to give them authentic and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.” We’re sure that her concert at the 22nd Pohoda will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience as well.