The Pohoda Festival aims to reduce the impact on the environment by separating plastics, paper, metal, and biowaste. We therefore ask you for your active engagement again this year. All waste containers will be marked with distinctive inscriptions. This year, biowaste from food stands will be separated in special containers. All meals at the festival will be served in/with decomposable containers and cutlery, which you can throw into containers marked BIO after use. This waste will be composted.

In the tent camp, “each tent” will receive two bags: one for separate collection, and the other for other waste. Yellow bags are for empty plastic cups and bottles (with no drink leftovers, ideally also compressed), clean sacks, bags, foils, all kinds of paper, and cans. Everything else goes into black bags for municipal waste. When leaving, please tie all the bags and leave them on spot.  Waste collected in bags and larger containers for separate collection will be further sorted and then recycled. Specially designated waste patrols can provide you with additional information.

We would be grateful if you let us know during the festival about overfilled containers or contaminated sites and call our infoline (available only during the festival): +421 800 500 090.