Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section. In case of any doubts, please refer to the Info section as well. If the answer to your questions cannot be found there either, please email us at info@pohodafestival.sk, or message us on our Facebook Page.


1. How do I get to Pohoda?

Pohoda takes place at the Trenčín Airport. Pohoda site has two entrance gates. One is located closer to the city from the direction of Nozdrkovce village (Gate B) and is designated for pedestrians and bicycles. Access to the car and caravan parking lot is located from the direction of Opatovce village (Gate O). Use the How to get to us? section for better navigation.

As far as ecological transport is concerned, you can use special trains to Trenčín, which are on sale at www.pohodafestival.sk/en/shop.

Another option are special buses at www.busnapohodu.sk which will take you right to the festival gate. Our shuttle service will run from the main station, which is the same one for both trains and buses in Trenčín.

Alternatively, you can use our Webparty and use the hashtag #spolunapohodu to offer a car ride or to join someone.


2. When do the festival gates open, when does the Parking & Caravan Parking open?

Festival gates will be open on Thursday 9th of July from 14:00. Parking will be open from 12:00 on the same day. Caravan Parking will be open from 14:00, along with festival gates, as it's a part of the festival area. Festival is open nonstop, including camping sites and parking, until Sunday 12th of July, 12:00.


3. I received a payment receipt but was not e-mailed my tickets. When and where will they arrive?

Make sure you also check the "Promotions" or "Spam" folder, please. It sometimes happens that tickets stray there. Alternatively, search for the specific word "E-Tickets" or the phrase "E-Tickets Order…" that the e-mail which contains the tickets starts with. If you are still unable to find them, let us know at shop@pohodafestival.sk, please.


4. Do you sell one-day festival tickets as well?

Only three-day tickets are on sale. We think the festival entry is worth it even if someone cannot stay the whole time.


5. When will my favourite artist play?

Lineup & Timeline will be published in our Artists section before the festival.


6. Can I bring my own tent and camp in it?

Of course. There is a classic campsite located behind every festival gate where camping is for free, more precisely, included in the ticket price. An extra charge for a tent spot is necessary for the special campsites only: Family Park and Family & Silent Camp.


7. Can more than 5 people live/sleep in PSS FOX village tent?

Tents are officially designed for 5 people, more people in tents can be allowed by the reception staff.


8. Can me and my friend camp next to each other in the Tent Inn campsite?  Can I “book” her a tent?

If you and your friends want to stay next to one another, it is necessary to come at the same time, as the camping vouchers are exchanged for Tent Inn bracelets on site.


9. Can I just drop my friends off at the festival and then leave? Do I need a parking ticket in this case?

If you have not paid for parking and you bring attenders, you must drop them off at the parking lot gate. In exceptional cases (pregnant women, children), the parking crew will allow the car to enter the parking lot. After the attenders leave the car, it has to vacate the parking lot.


10. How can I get a parking space in P1/caravan parking/etc. if it is sold out?

Sold out means really sold out. The capacity will not be increased. Buy the tickets in advance, while they last.


11. Can I sleep in a car in the parking lot?

You can. Just keep in mind that the length of the car in the parking lot must not exceed 5.5 meters. Watch out for this limit especially when it comes to vans. Please also bear in mind that camping in the parking lot area is strictly forbidden.


12. Can I park my caravan in a regular parking lot?

You can, if its total length including any towing devices, etc. does not exceed 5.5m. It is not possible to connect to electricity in a regular parking lot. Please bear in mind that camping in the parking lot area is strictly forbidden.


13. Can I leave the parking lot at any time and then drive back?

You can. The car will be identified by a parking sticker that serves to return to the sector you have purchased.


14. How far are the parking sectors from a festival gate?

Sector P1 = 100 - 250m
Sector P2 = 250 - 400m
Sector P3 = 400 - 550m
Sector P4 = 550 - 700m
Sector P5 = 600 - 700m


15. Entries for Kids/Junior Ticket holders – is it necessary to be accompanied by a person over 18?

KIDS tickets apply to people aged 7–14 (including) and presence of parent or legal guardian is necessary. Parent/guardian needs to have their own valid festival ticket.

JUNIOR tickets apply to people aged 15–17 (including).

People aged 15–17 must have a valid ID card with them – the presence of their parent or a legal guardian is not necessary in this case.


16. Do the PWD card holders and their personal assistants (ZŤP-S in Slovak) have to arrive at and leave the festival at the same time?

Given the card is issued to people who need a personal assistant, it is necessary they both arrive at the festival together. Leaving the festival at the same time is no longer necessary if the PWD card holder is able to leave the festival without the assistance of the accompanying person.


17. Can I accompany my children to the Family Park and use its services even though I do not camp at the festival?

Of course. Family Park is accessible to all. The only limitation is access to the Family Park campsite – only people who camp in it are allowed to enter. However, the tent campsite is behind the Family Park itself.


18. Can I set up more than two tents in the Family Park?

Only in case you have purchased a voucher for each tent and there is a child staying in each tent. 1 voucher is valid for one tent. Tents will be marked by a special sticker. Unmarked tents will be removed. Please note that a child's presence is a prerequisite for a Family Camp tent.


19. Is there a place where I can warm up food for my children in case of accommodation in the Family Park?

Yes, the Family Park equipment includes a microwave. Ask the staff in the Family Park.


20. How is it with trolleys and protective headphones for children? Do you lend them?

We have very few trolleys and headphones available to lend. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your children’s hearing yourself and not to rely on it. Thank you for understanding.