Welcome to Frequently Asked Questions — COVID 19. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the impact of the coronavirus spread on the Pohoda festival. Answers to other questions regarding the festival are available in the Info section. If the answer to your questions cannot be found there either, please email us at info@pohodafestival.sk, or message us on our Facebook Page.

Will Pohoda 2020 take place?

We are not able to say for sure. The government has suspended the organising of cultural events until further notice and we do not know if the restriction will apply also this summer. Therefore, preparations continue as in previous years, and we are also working on solutions for extraordinary situations. We keep in touch with band representatives, suppliers, partners, and our external team. We communicate about the situation with our colleagues in Slovakia and abroad and health & safety experts. As the Glastonbury festival has been cancelled and the Olympic Games have been rescheduled, we are also preparing for this possibility. We would like to assure everyone that we will approach the solutions of the situation in a responsible and fair manner.

I am thinking about buying a ticket for Pohoda, but considering the current situation, I hesitate. What is your advice?

You donʼt take a risk when you buy a ticket for Pohoda. In case of rescheduling of Pohoda to 2021, all tickets will remain valid. One of the available options will be a full refund for the ticket.

Have any of the announced artists cancelled?


Do you have a plan B if the coronavirus situation does not improve?

Yes. The basic option is to reschedule the festival to 2021. In this case, however, an option to ask for a refund for 2020 ticket will be available.

Do you think it is responsible to organise a festival in this situation?

We consider it responsible to act fairly towards visitors, as well as towards artists, partners, and suppliers. That is why the preparations are continuing; at the same time, we are openly communicating the possibility that it will not be possible for the festival to take place this year.

How does the decision to cancel this yearʼs Glastonbury Festival affect the Pohoda Festival?

So far, there has been no impact. The reason for cancelling the festival with quarter-million-capacity was the fact that its construction would have to start now, which is not possible. The Glastonbury Festival has much higher requirements on sanitary facilities and it has a significantly higher capacity. On the psychological level, however, this is an important decision, as is the rescheduling of the Olympic Games to 2021.

Is the festival insured against cancellation?

No, insurance companies do not provide such insurance in the extent that would make sense in Slovakia. We have negotiated with foreign insurance companies every year, but we have never been able to agree terms that would mean a real benefit in case of cancellation and, at the same time, we could afford the insurance. 

Is it possible that Pohoda will reschedule to a later date in 2020 same as some other festivals such as Coachella or Metronome?

No. We are a summer festival with a camping area, which is an example of the differences between us and Metronome. Every year we have about 150 bands at Pohoda and it is not possible to find other dates that would suite the majority of the artists this year.

Will the tickets be refunded if Pohoda does not take place?

It will be one of the available options.

I rented a tent in Fox Village, one of the Trencin huts, a tent in Tent Inn, I paid for Parking. How will you proceed if the situation does not improve and Pohoda does not take place? Will refunds be available for all types of tickets?

Yes. It will be one of the available options. 

What losses do you expect?

More important than economic losses are cultural losses. We are very sorry that people cannot meet and cannot share the joy of music, the joy of art. Rather than for festivals, the situations is much worse for clubs, suppliers, sound engineers, technicians, part-time workers in bars, and the whole background of the music scene. It is the people behind the scenes that our attention should now be focused on. As for us, the losses will be several hundred thousands of euros. These are the costs associated with the preparation of this yearʼs edition and the advance payments that have been made, and we are not able to say whether they will be refunded if the festival is rescheduled to 2021. We will deal with economic losses later on, if they actually occur. Here is our view of economic solutions: www.pohodafestival.sk/sk/novinky/nenechajme-ich-padnut-pise-michal-kascak

I am interested in working at the Pohoda Festival as a temporary worker or in helping as a volunteer. When will the registration be open?

We plan to start the registration after April 15th. We assume that at that time we should have enough certainty to be able to say whether the 2020 festival can be held.

I have purchased a ticket for a child (KIDS) or for a teenager (JUNIOR). I want to keep the ticket for 2021, but my child/junior will already be 15 or 18 years old during Pohoda next year. What should I do? 

If the festival is rescheduled to 2021, we will accept all KIDS and JUNIOR tickets rolled from 2020, even if the child/junior falls into a higher category. This will apply to all KIDS/JUNIOR tickets purchased until the date of the decision to reschedule the festival to 2021.

Now that there are effective restrictions against the spread of COVID-19, can I order merch from the Pohoda e-shop?

Yes. Our delivery services are operating. Please note that it is not possible to pay cash on delivery for shipments in Slovakia, and due to increased hygiene measures, signatures are not collected on delivery providerʼs display when receiving a shipment. It is also necessary to observe hygienic regulations (wear a mask, gloves) when accepting a shipment. The situation with delivery abroad is constantly changing. Before placing an order from abroad, please check the situation using the following e-mail address: shop@pohodafestival.sk 

I won a ticket for Pohoda in a competition. Will you automatically replace it with a ticket for Pohoda 2021 if the festival does not take place in 2020?

In case of rescheduling of Pohoda to 2021, all free tickets will remain valid. 

When will we learn a definite decision about holding this yearʼs edition?

We are not able to tell an exact date. The government has suspended the organising of cultural events until further notice and we do not know if the restriction will apply also this summer. From the perspective of the organisation of the festival, we consider April 15th as the deadline.

If Pohoda is rescheduled to 2021, will the line-up remain the same?

We will try to confirm as many artists of this year’s line-up as possible, but we cannot guarantee an identical line-up. Artists plan a few years ahead and booking availability is affected by solo performances, releases of albums and similar. The 2021 line-up will be influenced by several factors. We have good relations with agents, we have a long history and we will do our best to make the 2021 line-up at least as interesting and strong as it is this year.