In January 2018, at the Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival, we received seven European Festival Awards nominations and won The Green Operations Awardas the first Slovak festival to score at these prestigious European awards. Thank you :)

Inštitút cirkulárnej ekonomiky (The Circular Economy Institute)appreciated us for supporting the idea of ​​waste prevention. Pohoda is the only festival in Central Europe where biodegradable kitchen and restaurant waste is sorted and even composted directly on site.

According to English server, the Pohoda Festival was ranked among the 12 most eco-friendly festivals in Europe in 2010. During the three-day festival, 60.3 tonnes of waste were generated, of which visitors managed to sort 22.7% —up to 13.7 tonnes. The largest amount of sorted waste was made up of plastic (PET bottles, cups, jars, and plastic dishes), amounting 10.4 tonnes.

In 2010, Pohoda also made official Slovak recordin the quantity of plastic separated. About 23% of waste, which is 13.7 out of 60.3 tonnes of waste produced, was separated at one event, with the greatest merit of our visitors. Our visitors contributed to a great extent to the sorting of paper waste amounting 2.7 tonnes.  Metal, especially aluminium cans used for beverages, made up 480 kilograms. The waste sorting at the festival was provided by ENVI-PAK and the collection company SITA Slovensko.