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Vuraj BY

Nay tanečný dom Friday 19:00 Show in program

Band Vuraj offers traditional Belarusian music in contemporary arrangements with psychedelic effects. They record traditional folk songs on their trips across the country and then give them a new form in the studio. The praised winners of a number of Belarusian awards will be playing Pohoda 2017.

Vuraj are one of the bands that best caught the wave of traditional music renaissance in Eastern Europe. In 2014, they received the Best Folk Album Award from music portal, which says: “Out of all bands that work with authentic Belarus songs, Vuraj is the one that excels; mainly thanks to their original approach to the arrangements.” Last year, they were awarded Heroes of the Year Prize from for their contribution to Belarusian music. Since their formation in 2010, they have released three albums and one EP (Vuraj (2010), Songs, Fairy Tales and Dances (2011), Rajok (2014) and Šeść zahadok (EP, 2015)). “Their album Rajok is full of fresh ideas and offers original interpretations of the national music treasures. It’s been a long time since we saw a folk song become one of the most successful hits of the year,” says portal. Vuraj play regularly at home and in the neighboring countries. One of the band’s this year’s stops will be Slovakia.